7 methods to fix Volume stuck on Sony TV.

While enjoying tv shows on tv sometimes we face many issues and one of the major issues is volume stuck on Sony tv or stuck at maximum or minimum volume or tv volume is stuck at one, or tv has no sound or tv has low and unclear sound, so what to do next!

7 Solutions to fix your sound issue in Sony tv

So, these solutions may work depending upon the models you have, but I assure you that 95% of the solution will definitely work on your tv.

If any of the keys is not mentioned in your remote as the model differ, so just search for the keywords highlighted given in the solution.

Sol 1- Changing speaker option

  • Plug in your tv
  • Grab your tv remote
  • Press the option button.
  • Go to Speakers.
  • And select and enter TV Speakers.
  • Now check if you can adjust the volume.

Sol 2- Reset audio settings

  • Plugin your tv
  • Grab your tv remote
  • Press the Home/Menu button.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Now go to Preferences and click on it.
  • Now slide down to Sound and move to the right and then click on Reset.

Sol 3- Troubleshoot

  • Plugin your tv
  • Grab your tv remote
  • Press the Home/Menu button
  • At the top, press the question mark icon which is Help and Support, and press enter
  • Select the Customer support icon
  • Under problem diagnosis, select Self-diagnosis and press on it.
  • Select start Self-diagnosis and wait for some time.


Sol 4- Hard reset

  • Unplug the tv and then hold in the Power button of the tv for 30sec, this is a hard reset of your tv
  • It will completely drain any power that is in your device then plug in the tv again and try turning it on.

Sol 5- Soft reset

  • Grab your tv remote and point it towards the illumination led (led below your tv screen).
  • Press and hold the Power button for about 5-10 sec, until a pop-up appears of “POWER OFF”.
  • Wait for about 1 -2 min as the tv reboots.
  • If the tv does not reboot, then press the Power button on your remote and press it.

Sol 6- Software update


  • Plugin your tv
  • Grab your tv remote
  • Press the Help/Menu button
  • Go to System software update and click on automatic software download.
  • Then click on check for a system software update.
  • You can also try to download the update manually as the updates are slow on internet-based tv as compared to the support site.

How to update your tv manually via USB

  • click on https://www.sony.co.in/electronics/support .
  • Now enter your model no. and enter.
  • Now go to the “DOWNLOAD”, right to the “ALL” column.
  • Select the latest firmware on to the top and click on the download at the top.
  • Unzip the file that has been downloaded.
  • Connect a USB and send the downloaded file into the USB.
  • Connect the USB to the tv.
  • If the illumination led flash white that means the installation is in process and nothing happens then try again to transfer the unzipped file in USB from your pc, and then plug it in your tv.
  • The update will take about 20-30 min until that doesn’t disconnect the tv.

Sol 7- Factory reset

  • Plugin your tv
  • Grab your tv remote
  • Press the Home/Menu button
  • Click on Settings.
  • Go Storage and Reset/ (Device Preference/ Device Preference-About; then click on reset).
  • Select factory data.
  • If credentials are asked, then enter them and click on yes.


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