How to get Fishing TV app on Sony TV?

Fishing TV is the best way to watch HD fishing entertainment from around the world and it directly brings to your Sony TV. The fishing TV app offers over 1000 TV programs, shows, short movies, and even much more. It also offers the following channels- Carp Channel, Fly Fishing, Saltwater Angler, Predator, Planet fish, and Freshwater Fishing. In this guide, I will discuss the ways to install the Fishing TV app on Sony TV.

How to install the Fishing TV app on Sony TV?

Step 1–

Plugin your Sony TV to the power and turn it on.

Step 2-

Your Sony TV must have active Wi-Fi.

Step 3-

Move on to your remote control, select the “home” button.

Step 4-

Navigate the “Google Play Store” on the “Apps” category and select it.

Step 5-

Go to the “magnifying glass” icon on the top bar.

Step 6-

On the search field, type “Fishing TV” with the help of “voice command” or “on-screen keyboard”.

Step 7-

Select the “Fishing TV app” from the suggestion list.

Step 8-

Click on the “install” option on the upcoming page.

Step 9-

Once your app gets installed, then tap on the “Open” button.

Step 10-

Now “log in” with your account credentials.

Step 11-

You can now watch the Fishing TV app on Sony TV.

Frequently Asked Questions-

How to sign up for Fishing TV?

Step 1-

Go to the website from your device.

Step 2-

Locate the join option on the top bar and click it.

Step 3-

Go to the registered side and fill all the details like name, country, and email address.

Step 4-

Also, create a strong password for your account.

Step 5-

Now check the box of Agree to the terms and conditions and tap the Next option.

What devices does the Fishing TV app support?

  1. LG Smart TV
  2. Sony TV
  3. Samsung TV
  4. Philips
  5. Apple TV
  6. Roku
  7. Amazon Fire TV
  8. EETV

Fishing TV video is lagging and freezing, how to fix this?

Mostly this happens due to slow internet speed and some error on your internet connection. So, you must check your Wi-Fi connection or restart your router.

Difference between rent and buy content?

Rent- It means you can watch that content only for 72 hours, after that it will automatically remove from your device.

Buy- It basically means that your content will always be available on your device, there is no time-bound.


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